Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Lincoln, Nebraska Byzantine Chant on NPR

19 04 2008

A snip from the Lincoln, NE Public Radio Station previewing a “Easter in Byzantium” program to be at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Lincoln. Click here to listen.

FYI: 15th International Conference on Eastern Chant: 12-15 May 2008, Iasi, Rumania

15 02 2008

Iasi, 30th January 2008, Feast of the Holy Three Hierarchs

This is an official call for papers and participation in our

15th International Conference on Eastern Chant
12th – 15th May 2008, at Iasi, Rumania

The conference will be organized by the Centre for Byzantine
Studies at Iasi
in cooperation with the Rumanian Ministry of Culture
as part of the events celebrating the 600th anniversary of the first
documentary attestation of Iasi as a medieval settlement.

The general theme of this year’s conference will be
offering a new opportunity for putting into practice results attained in
many countries during the past decade by enthusiastic
individual scholars and/or dedicated research teams. New
interesting materials in form of digital copies of MSS will be put at
the disposal of the participants to illustrate new perspectives in
obtaining deeper knowledge of notations, and their influence on
transmission, from the parallel analysis of ‘lucky pairs’ of MSS. One
of the hopes of this conference is the establishment of small
transnational teams that would be willing to work on subjects
related to verifying current interpretations of notational systems,
such as of the middle-Byzantine, znamenny, Kievan staff.

As in previous years, potential contributors are invited to interpret
this theme broadly. Submissions from other fields related to the
cultural and spiritual significance of ecclesiastical chant, such as
history, linguistics, ecclesiastical arts, theology, interdisciplinary
research, continue to be welcome. Both scholars with academic
affiliation and those working independently, as well as postgraduate
students, are encouraged to apply. A panel of three scholars will
review the submitted papers, whose acceptance will be notified in
due course on a first-come, first-served basis. Please distribute this
announcement to colleagues, and interested institutions or

Within this extended theme area two key-note speakers are invited
to address plenary sessions. Related to that, an attempt will be
made off-list to attract the contribution of a few scholars willing to
offer their knowledge in a one-day tour d’horison in general Christian
ecclesiastical culture, and specifically in musical culture and related
investigation tools, possibly modeled on the Current-Status-of-
Research-in-… type of reports, which would be meant as a
teaching-learning preamble to the conference. Should this attempt
prove successful, the duration of the conference may be prolonged
by one day.

The conference sessions will be held in the newly-refurbished,
excellently-equipped Museum of National Union at Strada Alexandru
Lapusneanu 16, and in the Gothic Hall of the Three Hierachs
Monastery, at Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare 28. As in the past, we
shall enjoy the gracious hospitality of Fr Archimandrite Clement, the
abbot of the monastery.

The main communication languages will be English, French,
German, in that order of priority. Russian and Rumanian can also
be accepted in certain cases.

Event highlights

  • The customary joint festival of church music to which, besides a
    number of Rumanian choirs, we are pleased to be able to
    announce the first-time participation of:

    1. the ISON Ensemble from Berlin, under the direction of Dr. Oliver
      Gerlach, which will give, among other appearances, a lesson-
      concert in the MISSA GRAECA;
    2. the GRAZER CHORALSCHOLA from Graz, under the direction
      of Prof. Franz Karl Praßl, will illustrate, among other musical
      traditions, particularly the archaic organum;
    3. depending on manifested interest, other representative choirs or
      ensembles from this country and abroad.
    4. Visits to MSS repositories of Iasi University Library, Library of the
      Metropolitanate of Moldavia, Moldavian State Archives, where a
      variety of MSS will be able to inform on practically the whole range
      of musical styles and notations and provide illustration backgrounds
      to current research projects undertaken in this country;
    5. A number of liturgical services given by the monks and choir of the
      Three Hierarchs Monastery of Iasi, in which guest choirs and/or
      individual participants are encouraged to join;
    6. A 2-day cultural discovery trip to a number of monastic
      establishments in Northern Moldavia and the Maramures after the

Administrative matters

Due to the limited number of places available, pre-registration will
be required. With the exception of the key-note speakers, all
participants are expected to cover their own traveling expenses. 15
places, with all other expenses (accommodation, meals, trip
expenses) covered by the organizers, have been reserved,
particularly for young scholars and researchers, and will be
allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. From all other
participants a participation fee worth the equivalent of EUR 80 (EUR
40 for students) will be required, payable into our centre’s bank
account, as follows:

EUR bank account No.: IBAN RO53 BTRL 02404205.408043.xx
Banca Transilvania S.A., Filiala Iasi
USD bank account No.: IBAN RO53 BTRL 02402205.408043.xx
Banca Transilvania S.A., Filiala Iasi

The remaining – moderate – costs for the optional meals and the
trip can be paid on arrival. Hotel accomodation can be booked via
the Internet. The costs of the trip will be announced in late April,
when the approximate number of excursion options will be known.

Please submit paper summaries of 400-500 words in length,
together with brief curricula vitae by no later than 15th March 2008.
Until supplementary information and spam-free automatic
registration procedures will be made available additionally on our
site , submissions and contact information should be
sent to:

Prof. Gabriela Ocneanu
Scientific director, Centrul de Studii Bizantine Iasi,
Strada Noua 5, RO-700377 Iasi.
+40 232 475313, +40 0746 475300

Traian Ocneanu

Director, Centrul de Studii Bizantine Iasi
Strada Noua 5
RO-700377 Iasi
Phone: +40 232 475313, 475300

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6 02 2008

Welcome to I’m excited about the new psalticBlog. This is a place where psalticNotes becomes community. We can share ideas and information regarding the articles and presentation in the psalticNotes web page or initiate our own, separate dialogues. The only prerequisite is a love for our treasured psaltic art!